Chakra Guardians Workshop

Meet Gaby

Gabriele Schlumpberger, BSECE, HTCP, LBMT, Be Conscious Creator and Schmico Metod Practitioner/Instructor , Life Coach and Natural Health Consultant. She is always searching for the newest knowledge and energy release practice in order to improve the care she can provide for her clients. She has a private practice specializing in empowering clients dealing with Covid, Long Covid, Vaccine concerns, Stress, Trauma, Depression, and various mental and physical issues, guiding them on a transformative journey to reclaim control over their well-being and life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Sherbenou, BSN-RN, HTCP is a Healing Touch and Schmico Method Practitioner and Life Coach. With a childhood enriched by holistic experiences, and ten years of expertise in Healing Touch along with other modalities, Sarah offers her clientele a truly distinctive, ever-expanding approach to healing and well-being, assisting them in regaining their love for their life song and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energetic balance. She has a private practice specializing in Trauma, Covid/Long Covid, Vaccine side effects and in supporting clients through times of stress, challenging situations, and many other physical and mental difficulties.

Chakra Guardians Workshop

Experience the magic and power within yourself in our Chakra Guardians Workshop!

3-week- workshop - Live Meeting once/week for 2-2.5hrs

Are you ready to embark on an inner safari to connect with your animal guardians of the chakras, heighten your intuition and join a journey of self-discovery like never before?

Look no further than our Chakra Guardians: Connecting with the 13 Chakras Through Power Animal Wisdom Workshop – your gateway to raising your vibration, meeting powerful guides that are ever present in your life, and manifesting daily positive changes by following your intuition.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by physical, mental, and emotional challenges and forget our inherent strength and the power of our guides. Meeting your Chakra Guardians, following their guidance, and learning to elevate your frequency will transform every aspect of your life.

Workshop Begins June 19th, 2024

7:00 p.m. EST

6:00 p.m. CST

5:00 p.m. MST

4:00 p.m. PST

Reoccurring every Wednesday for 3 Weeks

About The Course

Module 1 - Roaming Your Inner Animal Kingdom
In this module, we will dig into the intriguing world of power animals, revealing the secret messages and wisdom they provide, and acknowledging their role as sacred companions on our spiritual path. Through a guided empowerment journey, we embark on an inner quest to connect with our primary power animal. This sacred encounter enables us to form a deep and lasting bond with our animal guide while receiving guidance, wisdom, and support for our journey ahead.

Module 2 - Animal Whispers & Chakra Wisdom

Explore the intricacies of energy with this module on the 13-chakra system. Discover the subtleties of each chakra and their relevance in your spiritual journey. Align and balance your chakras with a guided empowerment journey, then anchor your main power animal in each for personalized support and guidance. Set off on a transformational journey with your power animal to align your energy centers and uncover your true spiritual potential.

Module 3 - Chakra Safari

In this module, we will explore the fifth dimension and how it affects our lives, as well as offer insights of why it is important for our personal growth and consciousness expansion. Through a guided meditation, you will journey through your energy system, encountering power animals linked with each of the 13 chakras. Join us as we access fifth-dimensional wisdom and communicate with our animal guides.

3 guided Empowerment Journeys

“Inner Wisdom Reignited”,

"The Potential Within", and

“Power Animal Meet and Greet”

will provide you with the necessary stimulus to commune with your Power Animal Guides; finding clarity, connection, and new found power.

In this 3 - week workshop you will experience, receive, and learn:

  • Opening and closing blessing for all 3 Modules

  • Detailed introductory information on Power Animals, 13 Chakra System, 5th Dimension, and how it all

    ties together

  • 3 guided empowerment journeys including recordings

  • Recordings of each workshop class

  • Detailed documents of the above for you to keep

  • Access to our private Telegram group

  • 3 life online Zoom meetings 2-21/2 hour long

Step into our inspiring workshop and discover the secrets of your sophisticated energy system while harnessing the mysterious power of animal guides. Discover how these wonderful beings can lift and guide you through the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Let's go on an inner safari, delving deeply into self-discovery and intuition. Join us on our quest to connect with the majestic chakra guardians of the animal kingdom, while establishing a path of wisdom and wonderment together. Please click the link below for further information.

We are beyond excited to offer this life-changing workshop!  

Bundle of 3 guided empowerment journeys - $120

3 Live Calls with recordings - $300

Access to private Telegram group - $220

  Total = US $840

Yours for only - US $333

Payment plans available at checkout.

What Course Participants are Saying...

“First of all, I would like to thank Sarah and Gaby for this wonderful workshop. I felt that people

needed healing beyond what was offered presently, and I truly feel that they are on to something. The WORLD needs this … badly ...

– A workshop participant

"The 5th dimension chakras is something I personally was experiencing but not understanding. With the charts and colors changing I am very glad to have that mapping to explain what I'd been experiencing for the last couple of years!"

A workshop participant

“Gaby is an amazing and gifted energy worker, as well as a thoughtful and intuitive instructor. Her classes are super interesting and the healing meditations that I have learned from her are part of my daily practices for grounding and spiritual growth. Gaby's meditations help me to start my day holding the light for everyone I come in touch with! Gaby’ shedding protocol is very helpful for me as I am very sensitive to the shedding from the current vaccines. It helps me so much to visualize the clearing that happens while performing the shedding protocol.”

Karen M– Vermont  


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