Chakra Guardians: Connecting with the 13 Chakras Through 

Power Animal Wisdom

Are you intrigued by the relationship between chakras and power animals? Would you like to meet your power animals and understand their significance in your life? Do you wish to harness the combined power of your power animals and chakras to propel your life forward?

Look no further! This workshop is for you!

UnCovid - Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma

Do you have a desire to assist yourself and others in overcoming the energetic influences of Covid, Long Covid, and the adverse side effects of the Covid vaccines?

Do you feel frustrated when you or someone important to you appears to be stuck in the healing process and you simply want to help?

Then our UnCovid Workshop is for you!


Whether they are subconscious, conscious, or inherited, traumatic events can have a tremendous effect on our energy systems and leave lasting wounds. Are you ready to regain control over your health by releasing these traumas and trapped emotions?

If so, the UnTrauma workshop is designed specifically for you!

Well-Being Workshop

Are you seeking methods to build a solid foundation for a happier, self-directed life? Do you long to cleanse and detoxify your energy, freeing yourself from lower vibrations and external influences? Are you ready to learn how to balance your energy system and protect yourself energetically?

If so, then this Well-Being workshop is for you!

Learn the Schmico Method

R.I.S.E. Workshop

Do you find yourself grappling with physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges that you long to overcome? Look no further, as the R.I.S.E. workshop offers a transformative solution.

The 13 Chambers of Love -

A Transformational Journey

Do you find yourself falling into a victim mentality too often? are you longing to step into the role of creator in your own life? Join us on a holistic and energetic journey as we delve into the 13 Chambers of Love. This workshop offers transformational opportunities for those ready to embrace change.

If you are ready to undergo a profound transformation, then this workshop is for you!

Healing with Sacred Geometry

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