Our vision is to empower you with a deep understanding of the impacts of Covid, Long Covid, and vaccines and their aftermath on the energy field. We provide effective solutions to clear and restore the energy field, allowing you to regain your self-healing abilities and vitality. Our mission is to support you in facilitating holistic healing journeys for yourself, your family/friends, and clients by helping you navigate the energetic challenges of Covid and the vaccines energetic side effects. Our end goal is to provide you with tools that will allow you, your family/friends, and clients to move towards a harmonious and balanced state of well-being.

UnCovid -

Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma

The comprehensive 8-week workshop is now  
Open for Registration!

Course Begins October 2nd, 2024!

7:00 p.m. EST

6:00 p.m. CST

5:00 p.m. MST

4:00 p.m. PST

Reoccurring every Wednesday for 8 Weeks.

Ends on November 20th 2024

Q&A December 11th 2024

Do you have a desire to assist yourself and others in overcoming the energetic aspects of Long Covid and the adverse side effects of the Covid vaccinations?

Do you feel frustrated when you or someone important to you appears to be stuck in the healing process?

We, Gabriele and Sarah, were faced with similar challenges. Both of our family members and our clients were affected, and conventional medical solutions no longer seemed to be sufficient. In our search for answers, we discovered innovative techniques and protocols, on an energetic level, that went far beyond the conventional approach. They are unlike anything you have seen or heard of before.

Today, the health and inner harmony of our family members and many of our clients have significantly improved. This shift is a result of the energy work we have done for others and ourselves.

This journey has not only transformed us personally, but it has also shown us what our true calling is: to support and guide those who find themselves in similar circumstances.

If this opportunity appeals to you, we invite you to join us in our 8-week workshop “Moving Beyond the Symptoms and Trauma”.

You will receive tools and techniques that we found to be very effective in assisting clients suffering with Long Covid and/or Covid Vaccine side effects on an energetic level.

Watch this interview for even more information!

About The Course

In this 8 – week workshop you will experience, receive, and learn:

  • Opening and closing blessing for all 8 Modules and the Q&A Session

  • Detailed introductory information on the topics of Covid, Long Covid, and Vaccines on an energetic level

  • 5 Meditations including recordings

  • 1 extensive Covid and Shedding Energy Protocol each

  • 1 Vaccine Energy Protocol EACH for various Covid vaccines and boosters (total of 7)

  • 7 revolutionary energy therapy techniques

  • 3 Breakout Sessions to practice new techniques with another course participant

  • Important information regarding energy protection

  • Beneficial Supplements for Covid

  • The magic of utilizing breath to release blockages

  • Trauma explained on an energetic level – personal and collective

  • Practice exercises for every week

  • Recordings of each workshop class

  • Detailed documents of the above for you to keep and use

  • Approval by Healing Touch for 16 CE hours

  • Access to our private Telegram group

  • 8 life online Zoom meetings 2 - 2 1/2 hours long

  • 1 life online Zoom meeting one month after finishing the workshop

Join our workshop and delve into the energetic aspects of the Covid era. Learn how to assist yourself,

your family, and your clients suffering from Covid, Long Covid and adverse vaccine effects like never before. Together, we will make significant progress on the path towards healing. Together we can make a difference. Please click the link below for further information.

How the Workshop Works:

What Course Participants are Saying...

"I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your profound knowledge
in this new and in my opinion very important topic. I learned so much during your workshop and the contents and techniques you taught, have really changed the way I looked at Covid and all what came with it. I feel much calmer and healthier and I have definitely more energy than I have had in a long time. I integrated some of the techniques and meditations into my daily routine and I have realized afterwards how much I needed this. I think it is a life changing course for oneself or for helping others to improve their health. It is taught with
insight, thoughtfulness and led to immediate improvements for body, mind and soul."

– Sue, USA

“I found this workshop to be intriguing in the perspective of energy in relation to vaccines. This was a thoroughly researched course and the instructors kept the curriculum strictly energy based. I have added this protocol to my healer’s tool box. I highly recommend this valuable workshop for anyone curious or looking to expand their knowledge and training in energy medicine and vaccines.”


"I recently experienced Gabriele’s and Sarah’s 'Moving Beyond the Symptoms' workshop—truly transformative! Their knowledge and compassionate guidance created a safe space to explore the energy aspects of my health. The practical tools and insights provided a holistic understanding of the mind-body-energetic connection regarding Covid. Engaging, empowering, and filled with aha moments, I highly recommend this workshop. It's a journey toward wellness and self-empowerment, creating lasting change from the inside out."

Elisabeth, Washington

“Gaby is an amazing and gifted energy worker, as well as a thoughtful and intuitive instructor. Her classes are super interesting and the healing meditations that I have learned from her are part of my daily practices for grounding and spiritual growth. Gaby's meditations help me to start my day holding the light for everyone I come in touch with! Gaby’ shedding protocol is very helpful for me as I am very sensitive to the shedding from the current vaccines. It helps me so much to visualize the clearing that happens while performing the shedding protocol.”

Karen M– Vermont  

"The Covid Protocol; taught by Gaby has been very effective for my clients. It is easy to use and follow. Since 2021 I have been using it with great success. The auric field and chakras in my clients consistently showed that the root and crown chakras were compromised after a vaccination as indicated in the protocol. Hence, the protocol worked beautifully to re-establish the chakras and auric field into harmonic balance. I highly recommend healers learn this protocol to help their clients."

Cindy Palajac, HTC/I

Meet The Instructors

Join our workshop and delve into the energetic aspects of the Covid era. Learn how to assist yourself,

your family, and your clients suffering from Covid, Long Covid and adverse vaccine effects like never before. Together, we will make significant progress on the path towards healing. Together we can make a difference. Please click the link below for further information.

We are beyond excited to offer this life-changing workshop!  

Bundle of 5 Meditations - $200

9 Live Calls with recordings - $900

Bundle of 9 Protocols yours to keep - $675

Access to private Telegram group - $225

One Year Free Updates - $500

Bundle of 7 powerful techniques - $700

Total = US $3,200

Yours for only - US $899

Payment plans available at checkout.

Our workshop is designed to equip you with groundbreaking insights and energy therapy tools that will empower you to support yourself, family, friends, and clients like never before. After the workshop you will be able to assist yourself, your family, your friends, and your clients with clearing Trauma, Covid, and Vaccines from the energy body. You will be able to assist in propelling yourself and others forward in their healing process with confidence and wisdom.

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