UnTrauma Workshop

UnTrauma the Heal Empower Love Way

Traumatic experiences on a conscious, subconscious and generational level, have the potential to immobilize our energy systems and leave permanent energetic scars. Do you want to reclaim control over your health by

releasing traumas and trapped emotions on the energetic level?

Then this UnTrauma the Heal Empower Love Way Workshop is for you!

8 - week - workshop - Live Meeting once per week

Workshop Begins August 6th, 2024

7:00 p.m. EST

6:00 p.m. CST

5:00 p.m. MST

4:00 p.m. PST

Reoccurring every Tuesday for 8 Weeks.

Do you have a desire to assist yourself and others in overcoming the energetic aspects of personal, generational and karmic trauma on all levels of your/their being?

Do you feel frustrated when you or someone important to you appears to be stuck in the healing process? Underlying root causes of trauma may be at play. This workshop can help!

We will teach you the tools necessary to release trauma on all levels of your being.

Meet The Instructors

Meet Gaby

Gabriele Schlumpberger, BSECE, HTCP, LBMT, Be Conscious Creator and Schmico Metod Practitioner/Instructor , Life Coach and Natural Health Consultant. She is always searching for the newest knowledge and energy release practice in order to improve the care she can provide for her clients. She has a private practice Specializing in empowering clients dealing with Trauma, Stress, Covid, Long Covid, Vaccine concerns, Depression, and various mental and physical issues, guiding them on a transformative journey to reclaim control over their well-being and life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Sherbenou, BSN-RN, HTCP is a Healing Touch and Schmico Method Practitioner and Life Coach. With a childhood enriched by holistic experiences, and nine years of expertise in Healing Touch along with other modalities, Sarah offers her clientele a truly distinctive, ever-expanding approach to healing and well-being, assisting them in regaining their love for their life song. She has a private practice specializing in Trauma, Covid/Long Covid, Vaccine side effects and in supporting clients through times of stress, anxiety, and many other physical and mental difficulties.

About The Workshop

Trauma Clearing

Surprising and shocking situations and experiences freeze our energy systems and can frequently result in deep rooted conscious and subconscious traumas.

On occasion, we find ourselves in circumstances that are not only distressing to our bodies, but also to our mental state. Accidents, surgeries, serious illnesses, violent attacks, the loss of loved ones, and even "small" traumas like rejection, shame, or dislike for one's personality, can be unsettling. When we face these situations, it is easy for the energy that typically flows freely through our physical and psychological energy systems to become clogged and "frozen".

Anxiety, pain, sleep difficulties, a sense of threat, sadness, emptiness, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and other symptoms are possible outcomes of trauma. There is also a possibility that detrimental mental and thought habits will emerge. Examples of troubling thought patterns include: "Life is frightening" or "I am unable to live a happy.

The trauma clearing techniques taught in this course can assist you in clearing these destructive patterns, thoughts, and feelings associated with a traumatic event.

Subconscious Trauma Clearing

Did you know that the average person experiences 2,000 to 2,500 subconscious traumatic incidents during their lifetime? These traumatic events can have a negative impact on all aspects of your being, including your mind, body, and spirit. Using the Subconscious Trauma Clearing technique taught in this workshop, you may easily clear your subconscious of any traumatic experience. Mastering the "Trauma Clearing" and "Subconscious Trauma Clearing" techniques will allow you to fulfill your goals and attract more of what you want in your life.

These techniques, along with several more taught in this workshop, will completely revolutionize your life since they can remove the underlying root cause of your current challenges, as well as any traumatic experiences you may have had in the past.

Included Empowerment Journeys

“Trauma Clearing” - “Fountain of Healing” - "Collective Karma"

These transformative working meditations, known as empowerment journeys, offer the stimulus you may need to achieve the transformation you've been seeking. Settle in, relax your body, work with your mind, and allow these life-changing practices to shift the waves of your subconscious mind, paving the way for the life you've always dreamed of!

About The Course

In this 8 – week workshop you will experience, receive, and learn:

✔️ What is trauma? 

✔️ How does trauma impact your life? 

✔️ Varying responses to trauma

✔️ The Merkabah 

✔️ Conscious Trauma Clearing

✔️ Subconscious Trauma Clearing

✔️ Generational Trauma Clearing

✔️ Karmic Trauma Clearing

✔️ The Design Crystal

✔️ Inner Essence Retrieval

✔️ 3 Empowerment Journeys

✔️ Breakout Room Practice Sessions

Join our workshop and delve into the energetic aspects of Trauma. Learn how to assist yourself, your family, and your clients suffering from different forms of Trauma in these challenging times. Together, we will make significant progress on the path towards healing. Together we can make a difference. Please click the link below for further information.

How the workshop works:

What Course Participants are Saying...

The day we received the Conscious Trauma Clearing technique, a client unexpectedly had to choose euthanizing her beloved dog. She was grieving deeply.

I offered to do the clearing, knowing one step specifies the recipient should cross their eyes. She has one eye.

Would it still work? I proceeded with intention for her highest good, and belief that energy goes where it is needed. After 3 rounds she went from a scale of 8 to 0 on the gauge of severity of feeling. What a blessing!

As Sarah said “Energy is incredible.”

~ L.W. - Ohio, USA

“Gaby is an amazing and gifted energy worker, as well as a thoughtful and intuitive instructor. Her classes are super interesting and the healing meditations that I have learned from her are part of my daily practices for grounding and spiritual growth. Gaby's meditations help me to start my day holding the light for everyone I come in touch with!

~ Karen M. - Vermont, CA  

“First of all, I would like to thank Sarah and Gaby for this wonderful workshop. I felt that people

needed healing beyond what was offered presently, and I truly feel that they are on to something. The WORLD needs this … badly ...

– A workshop participant

I did the conscious trauma clearing with 2 of my clients yesterday with incredible results! One in person who reports back today that it was so helpful as she is going through a divorce and each time she had to deal with her ex she was triggered into feeling Unworthy. Since experiencing this technique, she feels she is standing in her power feeling worthy of all goodness in life and ready to move forward in confidence. The other client was online and she is on Disability and we tuned into her subconscious fears about returning back to work which seemed to be holding her back from getting well. After the technique she said " I am feeling fine" " I haven't felt like this in years!" " I am feeling fine" " Wow"I find this technique is so easy and quick. I am so grateful to use this for myself and others. Thank you Gaby and Sarah! Amazing!!

~ Angelika - Canada

Join our workshop and delve into the energetic aspects of Trauma. Learn how to assist yourself, your family, and your clients suffering from different forms of Trauma in these challenging times. Together, we will make significant progress on the path towards healing. Together we can make a difference. Please click the link below for further information.

We are beyond excited to offer this life-changing workshop!

Bundle of 4 Meditations - $200

8 Live Calls with recordings - $800

Access to private Telegram group - $250

Bundle of 7 powerful techniques - $700

Total = US $1950

Yours for only - US $787

Payment plans available at checkout.

Our workshop is designed to equip you with groundbreaking insights and energy therapy tools that will empower you to support yourself, family, friends, and clients like never before. After the workshop you will be able to assist yourself, your family, your friends, and your clients with clearing Trauma from the energy body. You will be able to assist in propelling yourself and others forward in their healing process with confidence and wisdom.




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