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Gabriele Schlumpberger, BSECE, HTCP, LBMT, Be Conscious Creator and Schmico Metod Practitioner/Instructor, Life Coach and Natural Health Consultant. At 21 years old, doctors told her she would have to live with her sever back issues and allergies, leading her to holistic practices and energy therapy. Hence, Gaby is always searching for the newest knowledge and energy release practice in order to improve the care she can provide for her clients, since she was able to heal herself. She has a private practice Specializing in empowering clients dealing with Covid, Long Covid, Vaccine concerns, Stress, Trauma, Depression, and various mental and physical issues, guiding them on a transformative journey to reclaim control over their well-being and life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Sherbenou, BSN-RN, HTCP is a Healing Touch and Schmico Method Practitioner and Life Coach. With a childhood enriched by holistic experiences, and ten years of expertise in Healing Touch along with other modalities, Sarah offers her clientele a truly distinctive, ever-expanding approach to healing and well-being, assisting them in regaining their love for their life song. She has a private practice specializing in supporting clients through times of stress, challenging times, trauma, Covid/Long Covid, Vaccines and many other physical and mental difficulties. Holding space and giving assistance for another on their specific journey is Sarah's greatest honor.

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Hear From Our Clients and Workshop Participants

I highly recommend this practitioner, she has helped me tremendously, and I go on a regular basis. She has a great bedside manner and her fees are reasonable. I have chronic muscular pain and we do a combination of massage and healing touch work that really helps me stay functional.

~ M.L. USA

Gaby is the best massage therapist I've seen. She individualizes each session to my particular needs that day. I thoroughly enjoy her variety of techniques to work on specific problem areas and provide overall relaxation. She is highly professional and has reasonable prices. I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

~ C.G. USA

“Gaby is an amazing and gifted energy worker, as well as a thoughtful and intuitive instructor. Her classes are super interesting and the healing meditations that I have learned from her are part of my daily practices for grounding and spiritual growth. Gaby's meditations help me to start my day holding the light for everyone I come in touch with! Gaby’ shedding protocol is very helpful for me as I am very sensitive to the shedding from the current vaccines. It helps me so much to visualize the clearing that happens while performing the shedding protocol.”

~ Karen M. - Vermont  

"I recently experienced Gabriele’s and Sarah’s 'Moving Beyond the Symptoms' workshop—truly transformative! Their knowledge and compassionate guidance created a safe space to explore the energy aspects of my health. The practical tools and insights provided a holistic understanding of the mind-body-energetic connection regarding Covid. Engaging, empowering, and filled with aha moments, I highly recommend this workshop. It's a journey toward wellness and self-empowerment, creating lasting change from the inside out."

~ Elisabeth, Washington

 “Sarah emanates a positive spirit and is very open and accepting of my unique needs. After a recent pregnancy loss, I was emotionally and spiritually distraught. I sought Sarah’s services to help with my healing and to begin anew. I believe she was an integral part in my future conception. Her work and calming presence always have me leaving relaxed and restored. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone in need of physical or emotional healing.”

~ C.G. Texas, USA


“Sarah has the ability to conduct energy through her to others in a way that can burn away trouble and undo knots long tied. Sarah is calm, collected, and mellow, with a quiet intelligence and understanding radiates from her as she explains Healing Touch. She knows exactly how much pressure with her hands is needed and can feel shifts as she works together with you to overcome energy blocks. Working with her on clearing and balancing my chakras has proved immediately beneficial to my emotional and spiritual well being. Sarah can meet me where I am at, identify problem areas that usually lay hidden and help break down walls. She leaves you feeling at peace, unafraid, and with a renewed vigor for life.

~ T.C. Texas, USA


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